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VIdeo Marketing Do's & Don'ts

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Most small business owners dread stepping in front of a camera.  I get it.  I dread it too!  

But video marketing is one of the most effective way to communicate with your customers and prospects at scale.  Maximizing your time and your customers time.  Reducing your sales cycle.  And providing value for your customers.  

Here are some practical tips you can easily implement for your next video marketing project:

Top Video Marketing Do's and Don'ts

DO: Put your subject matter experts on camera

DO: Have a director AND a camera operator. Your camera operator cannot do both jobs well.

DO: Prompt your actors with questions and stop filming after each question is answered to regroup.

DO: Schedule a dress rehearsal with the team before shoot day to get everyone warmed up.

DO: Be thoughtful about your background. Plants add dimension. Consider a banner for branding.

DO: Have your actors contribute to each video outline and provide input in advance.

DO: Coach your actors to speak as if they were talking to a customer.

DO: Use props where it makes sense to.

DO: Include a logo bumper and digital giveaway link in the video description (free ebook, checklist, etc.)

DO: Include subtitles for folks who want to watch without sound. This is especially important on social media.

DO: Coach your actors to gesture with their hands as they speak.

DON’T: Use a teleprompter if you are a small business or amateur

DON’T: Go cheap on a videographer. There’s a lot that goes into framing, lighting and editing.

DON’T: Use a script. Outlines and bullets are much more conversational and engaging than reading from a script.

DON’T: Use loud, jarring intro music. 

DON’T: Forget to smile on camera.

DON’T: Be hard on yourself if you flub your words. Everyone flubs. This will make you more nervous. Just stop, start over, and press on.

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