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10 Things I Love About HubSpot

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Over the years, I’ve developed a love affair with HubSpot. It’s hard not to—they really think of everything.  I've been amazed at how much time HubSpot saves me.

You may be asking....what is HubSpot?  HubSpot is cloud based customer relationship management software that organizes your customer information in one central location for you.  HubSpot makes it easy to communicate with your internal team and your customers across the entire customer lifecycle.

Here are 10 things HubSpot does that make me and my clients lives easier:

  1. Email Notifications - HubSpot notifications tell me every time someone opens and clicks on an email I send.  So I can time my responses perfectly.

  2. Email Tracking - Every email I send automatically gets attached to the right contact in HubSpot.  No more copy paste.  No more email filtering.  

  3. Snippets - I can save my most frequently used responses. So when I want to re-send something I've sent in the past, It's right there for me to add with a simple hashtag. No reinventing the wheel.

  4. Forms - Forms are for more than capturing contact info.  We have created some powerful calculators using HubSpot forms. Forms that have directly led to revenue. Things like custom pricing calculators, and product selection quizzes. 

  5. Meetings Link - I love that my HubSpot calendar link syncs up with my Gmail calendar. And I can share my meeting link anywhere for easy scheduling.

  6. Payments - HubSpot's newest feature allows me to make a quote and take a payment right through a HubSpot link!

  7. Custom Reports - HubSpot's advanced reporting tool allows me to slice and dice data however my clients need to see it.  My favorite options right now are the funnels and attribution reports.  They allow me to tie the data to the dollars so my clients can easily see which marketing campaigns are driving revenue.

  8. Workflows - HS workflows are the invisible extra admin in your org.  Working behind the scenes to communicate with your team, organize your data and love on your customers.  It's the workhorse I cannot do without!

  9. Support - HS support is the best.  No lengthy phone tree, no waiting, and helpful reps who actually follow up on open tickets.

  10. Academy - HubSpot has hundreds of free on-demand online courses for HubSpot members so me and my clients can upskill all the time.

Want to learn more about what HubSpot can bring to your org? 

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