Marketing advice for small business. Including tips on marketing strategy, website redesign, digital advertising, SEO and content marketing.

What's New with HubSpot

INBOUND 22 has brought many new and exciting product releases! 

Is Your Marketing Working?


So I've worked with a lot of small businesses and I've worked alongside many marketing...

HubSpot Workflows that Work Wonders For Manufacturers

An automated workflow in HubSpot is a powerful tool that can optimize your manufacturing sales...

How HubSpot Can Transform Your Manufacturing Business

CRM (customer relationship management) platforms like HubSpot have changed the way manufacturers...

How Much Should I Spend on Marketing?

“A budget is telling your money where to go instead of wondering where it went" - Dave Ramsay

Seven Ways to Wow Your Customers

This Christmas season I have experienced many wow worthy moments from some of my favorite brands...

VIdeo Marketing Do's & Don'ts

Most small business owners dread stepping in front of a camera.  I get it.  I dread it too!  

How to Create a Culture of Listening to Customers

How do you listen to your customers? Do you have a way to consistently get feedback and implement...

Guide to Creating A First Class Customer Experience


  • Buyers now rate customer experience as important as price and quality when making...