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Is Your Marketing Working?

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So I've worked with a lot of small businesses and I've worked alongside many marketing agencies and I've found that typically small businesses will choose to market themselves one of three ways. And we're going to go through each of those.


Hire a Junior Marketer

The first thing I see is they'll hire a junior marketer either part-time or full time, come on board, and they'll have this marketer put together social media posts or put together brochures, sales sheets, and maybe send out some email blasts.

The pros of this approach is that it's really affordable for small businesses to bring in a junior staff member. You don't have to pay the hefty salary of having a senior
marketer to come staff.

But some of the negative things about this approach is that you're really missing
out on having someone there to help you with the strategy of your marketing.

When you have a junior marketer on staff, typically they're doing a lot of tactical work, but there's not really a very clear cohesive strategy in place that brings all of those tactics together for your business and has everything all in alignment.

And so what it feels like is that you're a hamster spinning in a wheel doing all of this
work, but it doesn't feel like you're really making progress towards your marketing objectives and achieving those revenue goals that are so important for the growth of your business.


Partner with an Outside Marketing Agency

The second way that small businesses will choose to manage their marketing is they'll partner with an outside marketing agency.

And typically what happens here is the marketing agency will take on all of the tactical work. They'll manage the graphic design work, help with website design, maybe run some ad campaigns, and they may have a hand in the strategy as well.

Now the advantages of this approach are it's less risky. You can scale up or you can scale down just depending on your resources.

And the other advantage to this approach is that you can tap into a team of marketing experts who work at the agency that can really fill in the gaps for where you're lacking on your own team internally.

Now, the downside to working with an agency is that they just don't know and understand your business and your customer and your industry as well as you do.

This can really hamstring your marketing efforts.

A lot of times, agencies will have specialties where they really only specialize in one aspect of marketing. And so you don't have someone who has a really strong high level understanding of the strategy and your customer to really guide your marketing efforts.


Assign marketing to the Director of Sales


So the third way that businesses will market themselves is they'll have their director of sales manage marketing.

The pros of this approach is it's really the most affordable option of all, because you don't have to hire a marketer.

The downside to this is that when sales supersede marketing, brand building suffers.

When good marketing done properly brings all of your partners together, your operations team, your finance team, your sales team, and your customer support team, all are working together in alignment to achieve common goals.

When sales supersedes marketing, there's a noticeable shift that happens.

Now, the company is really focusing in on achieving short term revenue goals, but nobody is really paying attention to building the brand long term. So what happens is there's nobody listening to the voice of the customer.

Nobody's taking the time to understand what the gaps are, what the challenges are, and figuring out a way to address those so that your building your brand for long term future success.


What if there was a better way?


What if you could get senior level marketing support at a fraction of the cost, someone who could serve as an extension of your team, who would really dive deep to understand your customers, your industry, your competitors?

Someone who could put together a comprehensive and custom marketing plan just for your business and help you operationalize it to run all of your tactical campaigns?

Well, this is possible.

This is the solution that works.

This is the solution for growth-minded small businesses who are tired of spinning around in the marketing hamster wheel and not really getting anywhere.

We love working with businesses like you and have seen great results with companies like this who have a growth mindset.

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